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Why Quick Stockbets?

We created Quick Stockbets simply because we wanted a systemized way of generating additional monthly income through short term bets in the stock market.

The system was created to make quick profits throughout the week to take care of bills, travel, grow our brokerage accounts and make other purchases that means something to us.

How it works

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    Start your membership for just $14 per month.

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    Get stock picks throughout the week with the highest probabilities of a positive return delivered to your email inbox at 6 AM EST.

  • 3. Generate quick returns

    The small bets we select are assigned a 1, 2, and 3 day probability that yield small profits, compounded into large gains over time.

Our methodology

  • 1. Highest probability

    We select the top stocks that provide us with the best probability of achieving a positive return based on patterns we've detected along with various metrics. This ensures us with the highest chance of winning the trade.

  • 2. Position sizing

    For optimal betting, we use the Kelly Criterion which is a mathematical formula that helps calculate the percentage of total capital that should be allocated to a bet. This percentage tells us the position size we should take to help maximize the size of our bankroll over time and reduce the risk of major losses.

  • 3. Short time frames

    Our max duration of a trade is 3 days and the reason why is because shorter time frames are more predictable than longer time frames. We might not achieve 20-30% returns on a single trade, but many 3, 5, and 10% bets add up over time.


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